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I spent years trying to rid myself of anxiety and insecurities without realizing the root of my internal struggles. I often felt frustrated, helpless, and confused on my healing journey as I tried many different things with big hopes, but little results.

When I began to heal my internal wounds at their core, embody my authentic self through discovering my Human Design, and feel a deep sense of purpose through diving into my Gene Keys...

I started to feel lighter, experience inner freedom, have clarity on my purpose, and feel more at ease in my physical body.

I believe when you heal your patterns and internal wounds at their core versus a quick fix or bandaid healing approach, your entire life will change in the best ways!

I have developed a unique + client-centered methodology that incorporates somatic experiencing, breath, nervous system regulation, Human Design, and Gene Keys to support you in creating a life you love!  



If you are ready to experience inner freedom, feel calm + at ease in your body, and awaken your higher purpose…

client love

Client Love



"I have struggled with my mental health for the past 15 years. I have been on and off of medication, seen multiple therapists, and was even sent to a clinic. I finally have the tools to manage my anxiety and I am experiencing more joy in my life than I knew was possible.”- Sarah Jones

"Working with Courtney to reduce my anxiety has been 1000X more effective and impactful than anything else I have tried."

What my clients are saying...

"I was fascinated by the information about myself that she discovered from my human design. She was able to uncover more about me in one session than I have discovered with my current therapist."

"Courtney created a safe container for me with her kind and open demeanor, sense of genuine care and non judgmental attitude. She also provided a safe space for me to learn how to be with my emotions and taught me the tools I need to embrace my shadow side and integrate all parts of me. I am super excited to work with Courtney again in the future" - Laurie Baum

"I left my session with a new perspective on the experience we talked about and feeling free. I felt like I could finally let go and give myself grace."

"I also really loved how Courtney included tidbits of human design and a somatic embodiment exercise. It was a unique approach and I felt really relaxed afterwards, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! I highly recommend working with Courtney." -Courtney Barrett

"Courtney is freaking MAGIC!"

"When you hear your words reflected back to you, you FEEL them differently, which can then shift the entire way you see yourself. It can also shift the way you feel about the situation(s) you can’t understand or see a way out of. I had a HUGE aha moment about how everything I’m experiencing in this very moment is exactly what I need to experience in order to receive what I’m setting intentions to receive. I’m blown away" -Erin Gallagher

"My session with Courtney was so incredibly healing."

"I went into it talking about one thing and throughout the process realised that there was some deeper unresolved trauma triggering me in certain situations. Courtney's approach to helping me connect with this and process the feelings was so comforting, warm and I felt very safe to be able to explore what came up. I left the session feeling very nurtured and cared for with lots of happy tears!" -Courtney L.

"A wonderfully empowering session!"

"During our session, Courtney made be feel heard, seen and validated. She was so attentive and immersed the whole hour. She seamlessly weaved her knowledge of Gene Keys and Human Design in to the trauma coaching and gave me tangible and accessible tools to take away and apply instantly! A beautiful soul who just wants to see her clients thrive!"- Ulrike

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Create a life you love through healing your core wounds, embodying your wholeness, and awakening your higher purpose.

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